Product Name: Transparent film series
  • ProductModel:A003
  • On time: 2016-02-01
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Product introduction

Super dumb scratch decorative film

Product specifications: thickness: 0.20mm width: 1000mm ~ 1450mm ~ 1.0mm

Product introduction:

1 excellent matte surface luminosity, less than or equal to 4 degrees;

2 extremely soft touch;

3 using aqueous medium surface treatment, environmental protection non-toxic;

4 excellent abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, pencil hardness test of more than HB;

Product use:

The decoration is suitable for a wide range of the surface of the plate, such as MDF, plywood, particleboard, high density board, fiber board and all kinds of metal and plastic substrates. Not only can be used for interior decoration, such as furniture,

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